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Don’t You Dare Be Sick of It

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Sick of politics? Sick of being told to vote? Sick of being told your Facebook/Twitter/actual-in-the-flesh friends have voted? Sick of complaints, or complaining, about all of the above? Want to dedicate some emotional energy where it matters? Then click over to this article, read it. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Seriously, click it!


1. Mourn the painful, cruel and prolonged death of an innocent daughter at the angry, ignorant hands of her own parents. Let your heart be broken by what breaks His, regardless of what you call Him or how you come to Him.

2. Mourn the loss of the other 940+ women  killed last year in Pakistan for similar crimes. That’s about three a day.

3. Celebrate your right to vote, especially if you are a woman, celebrate the fact that if your candidate loses you won’t be hunted down for being on the wrong side, celebrate that we will have a peaceful transition to power, no matter who wins.

4. Determine that you will work to find a way to make this a better world for girls, for boys, for innocents, no matter what party you identify with. You will teach your children differently, you will teach them to love, to value others, to respect differences and fight for justice. You will look for opportunities to stand up for what is right, and give actual money that actually makes a difference.

5. Be deeply, deeply grateful for what you have. We have so much, and so much of the world has so little.

Don’t you dare be sick of it.

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  1. Much pain has been inflicted on the world in the name of Allah and through the traditions set out and/ or derived from the teachings of Islam. The scary thing is that people still want to believe that it is a peaceful religion. I believed that before and now? I know that it is not. It is not and the one simple way to understand how that is true is to read it? Ever read the bible? I have, all of it. Ever read The Book of Mormon? I have, much of it. Ever read Mein Kampf? I have, but couldn’t stand to finish. Ever read the Koran? I have, at least many parts of it and enough to understand how perverse it is from the American-Christian look at the world and of the rights of people. Islam is a curse and blight on humanity. The pain that it has inflicted on humanity in the past and the pain that it has planned for the future is inconceivable in our society, yet there are plans in motion to bring it here. May God help us recognize this and give us the strength to keep this evil at bay.

    • I’m not sure I would go so far as this, and my post definitely wasn’t intended towards any group other than those who would hurt innocents. What I can say for sure that we must each be willing to stand in the gap for ANY girl or woman or child who is in danger, who is being hurt. Humans of every faith are capable of great cruelty and great kindness.

  2. My heart is grieving. I cling to Him in gratitude for the freedom I have. I rest in Him to hold the pain of brothers and sisters who are tortured and suffering. I look to Him to guide me in where and how he needs me to act. I refuse to be sick of what I’ve been given and determined to do my work to make the world better.

    Thank you, Tara. I hear you well and stand with you.

  3. Sorry I didn’t vote. I didn’t even open my ballet. Politics are not a puzzle I understand or follow but I am sure if I gave it a true try I might learn something

  4. Sorry, Tara, please forgive me. I shouldn’t have been tongue-in-cheek about it on your FB.

    • Rosie, I LOVE tongue in cheek! But I don’t know what you’re talking about? Can’t find anything……PM me if you want. But whatever it was, no worries! None!

      • Oh, I think I commented on an article or blog you posted (but maybe it was someone else!), but let’s just forget it then! I’m so glad, I was feeling awful about it all day!!! Whew! Still, it was a very good lesson for me to just keep my FB-mouth shut. So…uh…thanks! 🙂

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