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I am available for:

Conference experience: Shattering Stigma with Stories: Mental Health and the Church

Stand-up Comedy

Motivational/Inspirational Speaking on mental health

Event Emcee


Not available for:

Windows. And definitely not dirty pans.



So let’s talk! Reach me at, I’d love to connect.

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  1. I once heard a funny thing from an Al-anon member saying that their theme song is: I’M SO MISERABLE WITHOUT YOU, IT’S ALMOST LIKE HAVING YOU AROUND. Seems like this would also apply to family and friends of people with mental health problems. I, too, have a mental illness that is well taken care of and I love to joke around about it because it can put people at ease.

  2. Are you serious, mayonnaise on grilled cheese sandwiches? OK, let’s keep Uncle Dave out of the kitchen and away from the cheese.


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