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Look! I’m Guest Posting!

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Hi, friends and readers! It’s been a big couple of weeks, as my co-author Dave and I finished our book, got it on Amazon, created a website for the book, and celebrated with a Sales Spike Day today! (Is there a limit for how many links I can put into a sentence???) We started the day ranked #600,000th something, meaning that there were 600,000 other books selling better than we were.

Guess what? We have cracked #9000!!!! We are currently ranked about #51 in our category of humor essays, and the competition there is just, you know, TINA FEY. AMY POEHLER. So I’ll take #51!

It’s not too late, if you haven’t grabbed your copy yet! The Kindle version is ONLY $3.99 right now, and I promise there is something in there that will change how you think about mental illness. I promise. OH, AND THERE’S A CONTEST!!!*

Perhaps the most exciting thing about today for me personally has been my first-ever guest post, and it’s a biggie! I’m honored to be guest posting on Bipolar Happens, the blog of author, coach and speaker Julie Fast. If you know anyone who lives with bipolar disorder or depression, you must get to know know Julie. She has been such an inspiration to me, as she just attacks life even when it’s not easy. In fact that’s what she’s about, getting it done even when it’s tough. Check her out, and please check out my post, which is about having hope for the future when family members live with mental illness.

This is Julie, holding the first copy I signed!

This is Julie, holding the first copy I signed!

*Contest Fun! For anyone who is able to be SUPER supportive of our Amazon spike day, we have a super fun contest! Send us your Amazon receipts for BOTH the hard copy and Kindle copy of our books, you’ll be entered into a drawing for ONE FREE HOUR of comedy coaching with Dave and Tara for you, a loved one or a client. We’ll spend an hour helping you or someone else transform tough experiences into laugh-out loud funny jokes – on the phone, Skype, Google hangout or (if PDX-local) in person! Send receipts to Tara at no later than Thursday, February 19th. Drawing to be held on Friday, February 20th.

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