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I Am My Goals, and I Am Random

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I must be a somewhat discombobulated collection of random this week, ’cause my current goals are all over the map. I was just sitting in the post-bedtime quiet, looking around the house, thinking about what I’d like to accomplish this week. What a weird picture of who I am right now, in this moment. Are everyone’s goals this …. um…..eclectic?

Goal 1 – Tomatoes: I picked a bunch of tomatoes at my dad’s house last week, and true to my overly enthusiastic, underly* planned self, I left the bag in the car for 36 of the final hours of hot Oregon summer. Then I threw away the 3/4 of the bunch which had burst and rotted, leaving me with the remainder in a container on the kitchen counter right before leaving town for 2 days. Now I get to either A. roast and freeze the remainder or B. throw the rest away, depending on how they did while I was gone. What? No, actually, I haven’t looked closely at them yet. I’m waiting for….inspiration and courage. (*whattya mean, “underly” isn’t a word? You just read it in a blog, didn’t you? Ergo, it IS a word!)

Goal 2 – Mental meditation and reset: I start a new part-time job in a week or so, and I need to fully process this exciting new opportunity and work through incorporating it into our family life. This will require lots of quiet time, alone, to think. Oh, I’m SURE I’ll have lots of that this week.

Goal 3 – Backpacks: If it KILLS me this year, I will come up with a workable plan for my tiny, tiny entryway and the 3 sets of backpacks/shoes/coats/stuff that need to occupy it. My entryway is a blessing of peace and joy when it is neat and tidy, and a tiny torture chamber of annoyance when its messy. I. Will. Conquer. The. Backpacks.

Goal 4 – Strategic Communications: Working on a big new project which will affect a lot of people, and I want it to go really well. Will need to put my impulsive, enthusiastic overly communicative self in a head-lock and proceed with mapping a plan to ensure success.

Goal 5 – Learn complicated legal issue, implement solution: Sure, looks like a slow week, so I think I’ll also work on learning the ins and outs of a complicated family legal situation, why not?

What are you working on this week?

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  1. I want to hear how the tomatoes fared! 🙂


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