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I believe a person should always deliver what they promise, and I promise that the title of this inaugural post not only reflects the contents of this post, but also the entire blog and indeed its author. So now you know. The pressure is off and we can get to know each other. Well, at least you can get to know me. I hope there IS a you, and that you will comment, and I’ll read it, maybe reply, and we’ll text, and maybe we’ll become friends, and then do lunch? Or you know, whatever, I’m still new at this.

Just to make sure no one gets lost and you’re in the right place, let me offer a few clarifications. This is not a travel blog (much as I wish it was), definitely not a crafting blog, or a political blog, certainly not a blog on My Achievements in Perfect Christian Parenting while Putting Up the Persimmons I Grew in the Yard. Oh, no.

While many blogs are quite topic-specific (Photography! Quilting! My Study of Rare Hats!), that would not be true to who I am, and I probably couldn’t pull it off if I wanted to. My interests are too broad and my attention span too short.

Anyhow, welcome! I hope you’re comfortable. I’m still fixing the place up, maybe some new colors, new fonts, I haven’t decided yet. But I’m really glad you’re here, and if you need anything just let me know. If you are the curious type, you may want to start with the About Me link. But you may like a bit more mystery in your blogging experience, in which case you may want to just stay right here.

Either way, I hope it’s fun. My goals are for this blog to be a forum for me to:

  1. Share my adventures and attempts in becoming the woman/parent/wife/critically thinking citizen/modern-post-modern Christian I think I’m supposed to be, while occasionally getting a good laugh out of it. ‘Cause if we can’t laugh about it, really, what is the point?
  2. Share observations and deeply held opinions on random current events, elements of popular culture,  new movies, television shows and favorite snack foods.
  3. Occasionally indulge in bad grammar, poor use of apostrophe’s and overly long sentence structure. Cause life is short, too short, and I love me some overly long sentences.
  4. Highlight cool organizations  and interesting people who I think make the world a better place.
  5. I hate lists that are even-numbered, unless there are 10 things in the list, and what kind of overly ambitious and arrogant new blogger would I be if I had 10 goals? Five is good.

Remember when you had final exams, and you’d been studying and studying, and you were so worked up about it and exhausted that the night before you’d thought it seemed like a great idea to get your pajamas on and study in bed, and then you woke up that morning and you just wanted it to all be over, for the love of Pete, just let it all be over?

Until just now, I’d kinda made myself feel that way about starting this blog. But this was fun! Thanks for stopping by, see you soon, I hope…..

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  1. Vawn McCollum

    I’m so excited about your new blog. I know your humor will make me laugh…and because I’m the queen of run-on sentences you’ll make me feel right at home. Cheers to this new adventure! 🙂

  2. Kathy Campbell

    I can’t wait to read more. You always make me laugh, especially since the things you post on fb seem to happen to many of us. However, you truly have an eloquent gift of writing about these events that make me think I should have written that. All the best on your new endeavor

  3. This is the most brilliant name for a blog I have ever seen. Best wishes on your new’ exciting’ adventure’ in apostrophe’s!!

  4. Julie Hangartner

    When do you come out with tee-shirts????? (Had only four question marks at first. Added another, just for you!)

  5. Go girl, go. Combine my long sentences and Dad’s gift of blarney, and you’ve got a path to follow.

  6. Edde Rolstad

    Yeah! Now this is what I always hoped Facebook would be like. Tara, I’m going to love your blog–no, I’m loving it already. It’s 96 degrees outside, so here I am, inside at my laptop checking email and THERE YOU ARE.

    Want to tell you that I mailed Flat Stanley back last week; hope he made it to Mrs. Reynolds’ class. Has Aidan mentioned it?

  7. Edde Rolstad

    Tara, what does “waiting for moderation” mean?

  8. Thanks to all for the kind words, I am really, really excited about this. Edde, waiting for moderation means that the first time you comment on the blog, I have to approve the comment appearing, so that you aren’t saying horribly inappropriate things. But then I believe comments appear automatically, AND WILL BE VISIBLE TO ALL. Just so you know. And I’ve not heard yet about Flat Stanley, but we’ll keep you posted. 🙂

  9. A splendid inaugural post! This is gonna be good! Looking forward to following you, my friend!

  10. Congratulations for doing something that many of us think about doing, but aren’t willing to break the inertia of our daily lives to do. I’m looking forward to reading more!

  11. Therese Hampton

    This is terrific! I am excited for you and anxious to read more.

  12. Fun blog. I miss being a part of your adventures. I “don’t do the Face Book thing” so this could be a way to re-connect. Go for it!


  13. Libby Boatwright

    It’s about time, sweet one. Say what’s on your heart and mind. Jesus has been growing you for a long time. It’s about time we heard about the eternal/internal news.

    You go girl!

  14. Hi Tara,
    Your blog name made me laugh out loud! Have fun. Amazing things can come from blogging…

  15. Ya know? I never noticed the undercurrent that lurked beneath the shadow of our bantering ways, always leaving, blindly, thoughts of your biting, sisterly, annoyingly cute words as being nothing but your personal retribution against me for my reciprocal behavior.

    Ah was wrong. There is an interesting depth to your words and a draw that I feel certain will cause your blog to be of interest to people that don’t know you, but, after having read your words, will want to.

    (Maybe ya’ll are okay after all.)

    ~ T. David.

  16. Edde Rolstad

    Tara, your post about Mother’s Day was perfect. A keeper. Bet it made your Mom tear up, just a little. Carol sent me a phone photo of Finn and Daddy at preschool graduation. I’ll try to make it next year for kindergarten graduation.

    I’ve known for a while that you are a sleep-needy type person, but hadn’t realized the depth! For the love of Pete!


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