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Two Funny Friday Videos

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For you today, dear readers, some thoughtful advice and inspirational videos as you approach this SECOND TO LAST WEEKEND BEFORE CHRISTMAS GET GOING ARE YOU DONE ARE YOU READY??????

First of all, to those of you (mainly women, let’s be honest) like myself who tend to get a wee bit…..shall we say……high-strung during the Christmas season: BREATHE. At times in Christmas’ past,  I have found myself ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that if I could just complete the themed decorations, down to the last matching homespun Santa toothbrush cozy; if I could JUST bake/craft/spin/carve the perfect teacher gifts; if I could JUST wrap all of the presents in matching, themed, handwoven wool gift scarves with matching themed crocheted ribbons; if I could JUST get that PERFECT present for the random family member and if I could JUST get the cat to wear the elf hat at the PERFECT angle for the family photo shoot; THEN Christmas would be perfect.

Well, guess what? JUST. STOP. The cat is going to throw up on your aunt’s gift, the kids are allergic to the crocheted ribbons, and ewwwwwwww. Toothbrush cozy’s/cozies(?) are unsanitary.

Guess what else? Christmas – the real one – has already been here,  and it was perfect. We don’t even factor in to that success algorithm. So relax, get in your pj’s early, and watch a couple of funny videos I poached from Matt Chamber’s blog today.

My favorite part of this training video, “Sales is Service, Service is Sales”? Well, there’s two. First, it’s such a great reminder of how varied are God’s creations, and how He loves us all, including the ones who have no rhythm. Second favorite part? The reference to the oosik (check wikipedia for walrus oosik) that they are selling, which I know from growing up in Alaska. Which clearly fills a child’s head with rarely useful but funny trivia.


Finally, some funny from comedian Jim Gaffigan. Love it.



And if you are a little thrown that in this post I’m back to funny, after my last post was all “Christmas sad, Tara sad”? Well, join my husband and welcome to the rollercoaster. He says you’ll probably get used to it. And really? Christ is coming, Christmas is coming, and that’s joy over everything else! So I’m laughing through my sad, OK?

I Am Sorry About The Demented Snowmen

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One hour. That’s apparently how long I can muster up Cheerful Crafty Momma Who Enjoys Making Teacher Gifts With Her Children. At least when we start at 7 p.m. on the last day of school before the break, right after The Scary Trip When Mama Pretended It Was Fun To Get Lost Trying To Find The Christmas Tree.

But first things first – I’m so sorry about the demented snowmen. I mean, look at them. I guess they look cheerful enough in a group, which is what I’m hoping will happen when they are distributed as teachers’ gifts tomorrow.

But this guy? He looks a bit like a particularly intellectual rabbi. Seriously, I’m thinking my friend Sandra could do this project with her little girl and add side curls to the little guy and take him to her teachers at temple. Oy. Unless they wouldn’t like Orthodox snowmen, cause they’re Reformed,  or unless snowmen in general might be offensive, which would not be my intent at all, in which case I’m stumped.

At least this guy looks fairly normal, in terms of snowman forehead proportions. Whew.

Oops. Didn’t realize he was sans scarf til I posted the picture. Sigh. Pause to create one more snowman scarf……….and done.

Projects like this, and days like this, are all about me understanding myself. A Given: I WILL try to cram too much into any given time period, and holidays just exacerbate the problem. Which brings us to The Scary Trip When Mama Pretended It Was Fun To Get Lost Trying To Find The Christmas Tree, which happened earlier today when I was SURE we had enough time to go use the half-price Christmas tree deal I’d purchased online a few weeks ago, between after-school pickup, tae kwon do lessons and crafty pretzel snowman creations. Oh, and dinner and homework. And cleaning leaves out of the pond so we can possibly see the leak so we can possibly refill it and get the waterfall pump going so it won’t freeze overnight and be ruined.

What do you mean, I can’t fit all of that into 3 hours? SURE I CAN……..cue twitching and spasming. Twitch. Spasm. Twitch.

So off we set, blithely into the gray Oregon afternoon, tra la la la la. I figured that the two boys I’d “brung with” and I could pick up a pre-cut tree, look pitifully at someone to help us strap it to the top of the van, and home we’d go. Half hour, tops.

Right. Until I realized we were driving about 45 minutes away, into the deep rural woods of …. hey, how’d we get to Kentucky? (I don’t know why exactly it would be scarier to be lost in the foggy woods of Kentucky, but it just seems scarier.) And WOW that is an impressive mid-afternoon total-darkness fog storm of Epic Proportions. (Kind of like Rabbi Snowman’s Forehead.) (No disrespect.) (Thank you, Jon Stewart.) And whattya know, they’re closed when it’s dark out? And it’s u-cut anyways?

Well, kids, guess we’ll drive home through the fog at 30 miles an hour, guessing where the road is, and come back Saturday.

Cause that’s the key, really, to me living with my particular brand of crazy. Roll With It. As long as mommy doesn’t get cranky, we’re having fun. Whether we’re trying to get out the door to school, or I’m trying to finesse a project at work, or we’re lost in the foggy woods of Kentucky/Oregon, as long as I keep rollin’ with it, it’s An Adventure.

And who doesn’t need An Adventure?  We can get a tree Saturday, but An Adventure, you take when you can get it.

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