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This is my second attempt at Five Minute Friday, a widely followed blog-writing prompt from Lisa Joy Baker. The deal as I understand it – take her prompt (today – beautiful), write five unedited minutes, post.  So here we go:

When I think of beautiful, I think of four girls in my life, girls who have known ugliness and cruelty and neglect that no one should ever know. Girls who were born beautiful,  destined for lives of normal happiness and sadness and normal ups and downs, girls whose “normal” was ripped away from them by the very people who should have treasured them. They were left fractured in mind and spirit and body, but they were still beautiful.

And so these girls have spent the last several years struggling , fighting and clawing their way back through tunnels of darkness towards light and truth and wholeness, and that is beautiful.

Countless people have poured into them, poured security and acceptance and wisdom and truth and safety and love, most of all love, and that is beautiful.

They are getting better, at least on most days, and on a good day they are wise and funny and gorgeous and accepting. They are beautiful.

And I am grateful.

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