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Holy, Moly, That’s a Big Snake

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Life around these parts has been WAY too serious and depressing lately – stuff going on in my extended life that currently isn’t mine to share. So, since I can’t share what’s really on my heart right now, I thought I’d bless you with this instead:

See, that right there is a big snake, courtesy

Instead of boring you with my life drama, I’m going to give us both a reason to be glad we weren’t hiking in the Florida Everglades recently. Cause this here snake (why must I write about the snake with a particularly….rural accent in my head? I don’t know) done swallowed a whole entire deer, a SEVENTY-SIX pound deer.

That right there, my bloggity buds, is some perspective, free of charge!

Am I struggling to see the light at the end of a long, long tunnel? Yes, I am, but I ain’t been swallowed whole by a snake!

Do I find it disturbing that even in the (extraordinarily) early years of not-quite-middle age, my skin has certain resemblances to that of a 13 yr. old? Yes, I wish I was blemish-free, but I ain’t been crushed to death BEFORE being swallowed whole by a snake!

Do I wish that dark chocolate peppermint Joe-Joe’s from Trader Joes were calorie-free? Well, of course I do, but I’d rather eat Joe-Joe’s than be eaten by a giant snake!

Apparently, this particular python has teeth that point backwards, all the better for grasping the prey it is crushing to death before swallowing whole. Lovely.

My final gift of perspective?

Fall in my Northwest neck of the woods

A lovely view on a stroll.....

Fall in the Florida Everglades

Run, Bambi, Run!

There you have it. Even on a bad week, I’ve got something for which I am grateful. Think I’ll go outside for a stroll now….

Need more info on the snake? It’s right here: BIIIIIIGGGGGGG Snake

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  1. Holy crap. There are no other words I have except for those two. Holy. Crap.

  2. oh poor Bambi!


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