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The Help, The Junior Mints, The Remake

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Three things I learned at the movies today:

1. The movie “The Help” is nearly as good as the book. Such moving performances from all involved. I was left with an unavoidable urge to utilize my Southern accent and then corner my friend S., from Jackson herself, and demand that she tell me her thoughts. Did she have “help” growing up? Did her elegant momma? How did she feel about that? What do Southern people think when I speak in a Southern accent? Is it annoying, amusing, or strangely homey?

2. I had me some Junior Mints this afternoon, and the theater is now keeping them in the refrigerator. Refrigerated Junior Mints are even MORE REFRESHING. It was a revelation, indeed.

3. I know I should be ashamed, and not excited. I know I should cry foul, not cry for more.  I know remakes are derivative, they are pathetic, I should avert my eyes and protest with the other purists. But the preview for the new “Footloose” movie just made me dopey happy. And a bit giddy. And I LOVE Dennis Quaid. The only part that bothered me in the trailer is that it appears some of the dancing is a bit…….inappropriate. But I’m a sucker for a good decent halfway decent dance movie, what can I say? (Step Up 1 – 17 now? – told you I wasn’t discriminating; “Tap”, “White Nights”, “Saturday Night Fever”, “Flashdance”, and “Dirty Dancing”, oh my.)

What are YOUR favorite dance movies? And what are you looking forward to seeing at the theater this fall?

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  1. Favorite dance movie (and soundtrack) “The Full Monty”!!

  2. Movie: S loved the book and the movie! Let’s chat soon!
    Clarifying, S did not grow up in Jackson, but in Greenwood. Setting for book/movie was Jackson, but movie was filmed in Greenwood, Mississippi!
    Help: S had just a little “help” (Lee Esta) growing up as her “elegant mama” was excellent at keeping the perfect home, but S’s grandmother had a wonderful lady, Monk, who took care of me when I would visit her home.
    Accents: We love when non-southerners talk southern back to us, but we definitely despise when southerners go “up north” and pretend to acquire a Yankee accent! How Tacky!
    Junior Mints: S likes extra-buttered popcorn at movies!
    Dance Movies: Finally S does NOT like dance movies especially remakes! How Tacky! 😉

  3. Tara, you know that the Help was produced by our Trinity classmate Brunson Green, right? You are one degree away from that great movie.

    Junior Mints make me want to watch Seinfeld.

    Other than Footloose with KEVIN BACON, Dirty Dancing is my sentimental favorite of the dancing movies, but I did like White Nights back in the day. Wonder if that is on Netflix…..

    As far as movie remakes go, they shouldn’t go messing with KEVIN BACON! I’m going to go watch the original right now (if I haven’t worn out my dvd).


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